Sometimes life can feel hectic, disorganized, and all over the place…

Until now. Flight is all your stuff, together, organized, and shareable.

Instead of spreading your digital life across a bunch of different apps, keep your notes, files, images, links, and tasks together in an organized, collaborative, and beautifully simple interface. Go from chaos to collected, with Flight.

Board Examples

Store Everything in Boards. Think of boards as flexible containers for organizing every aspect of your life: your household, that new hobby you’re getting into, an upcoming presentation at work – anything! Your content is automatically formatted for clarity, while a list-based structure makes it a breeze to rearrange items as needed.

Flight on macOS

Organize Across All Your Devices. Flight is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Your content syncs across devices in an instant. All of our apps are built entirely with native code, which means everything runs incredibly smooth.

  1. The Inbox is where you send stuff to deal with later.
  2. Upcoming is where tasks from across all your boards come together.
  3. Collaborate on boards with your family, friends and coworkers.
  4. Boards and Groups let you create any organization structure you need.
  5. Quick Add lets you capture anything in an instant.

Available on iPhone, iPad & Mac

Example board groups

Create Your Own Space. Use groups to keep related boards together, creating and nesting as many as you see fit. No productivity dogma here – just an intuitive structure that lets you map Flight to your life’s unique needs.

Published board example

Collaborate and Publish. Your life is shared in many ways, which is why Flight comes built-in with collaboration. You can also publish boards online for others to follow, without them being able to edit your content.

Why We Started Flight

Why is it so hard to get organized? How can we keep our lives together better? Find out why Flight came to life and how we think we can help you tackle yours.

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